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GCT Semiconductor's Mobile WiMAX Single-Chip Solution Powers
the Yota Egg portable WiMAX/WiFi router

GCT single-chip solution enables the portable WiMAX/WiFi router to further expand and
enhance Mobile WiMAX user experience in Russia through WiFi-enabled devices

San Jose, CA, November 2, 2009 - GCT® Semiconductor, a leading supplier of Mobile WiMAX™ solutions to the global market, today announced that the "Yota Egg," a portable WiMAX/WiFi router launched by Yota, a Russian developer and provider of mobile services, is powered by GCT's Mobile WiMAX 2.5 GHz Wave 2 single-chip, GDM7205. The Yota Egg is manufactured by Interbro, a leading Korean manufacturer, and is the first router to allow users of WiFi-enabled devices such as notebooks, iPhones and VoIP phones, to connect to a WiMAX network instantly, without the use of a WiMAX USB Dongle or modem. Close collaboration between GCT, Interbro and Yota played a key role in Yota's launch of the Yota Egg in Russia on October 7.

GCT's GDM7205 optimizes WiMAX implementation for Mobile WiMAX devices, ideally supporting Yota's launch of the Yota Egg in Russia. GCT's compact solution offers a highly integrated, low-power transceiver which minimizes the number of external RF front-end components, therefore simplifying PCB design complexity. Based on GCT's industry-proven CMOS technology, this WiMAX Forum Certified™ single-chip satisfies the high demands of multimedia data processing and wireless connectivity, and increases battery life for the longest run time.

"The stylish and compact Yota Egg allows users to instantly connect via Wi-Fi to our Yota Mobile WiMAX network which is available in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Ufa," said Yota`s Sales Director Igor Torgov. "Working closely with GCT and Interbro, we were able to develop this small high-performance router, which is easy to use and carry, and includes a separate power source. The Yota Egg will instantly create an online area wherever it's necessary; in the office or in a classroom, in a car or outside in a park, anywhere, anytime."

"GCT's expertise and proven Mobile WiMAX solutions allowed us to develop this handy compact router with a long battery life of up to 6 hours," said Gyu Taek Lee, CEO of Interbro. "We look forward to a continued relationship with GCT and working together to develop innovative solutions for the WiMAX market and further enable WiMAX deployments."

"The Yota Egg offers a truly unique solution for users with Wi-Fi enabled devices, allowing them to connect instantly to a WiMAX network," commented Dr. KH Lee, president and CEO of GCT Semiconductor. "We're pleased to have been selected by a prominent WiMAX service provider in Russia, Yota, and a leading Korean manufacturer of WiMAX devices, Interbro, to contribute to their successful launch of the Yota Egg."

About Yota

Yota is the first Russian Mobile WiMAX network (in IEEE 802.16-2005 standard) providing Internet access at speeds up to 10 Mbps and handover between base stations without session breaking. Yota 4G Internet is unlimited, speedy, wireless and accessible anywhere. Yota network has been already deployed in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ufa, Sochi and Krasnodar. Abroad Russia Yota is constructing 4G networks in Belarus, Nicaragua and Peru. For connection to Yota variety of subscribers devices are provided: modems, notebooks with built-in Mobile WiMAX chip, routers and the first in the world GSM + Mobile WiMAX phone HTC MAX 4G.

Yota offers unique mobile services, using the possibilities of fast wireless internet access: mobile IPTV, video-on-demand, online music catalogue listing hundreds of thousands of tracks by world leading lables, photoblogging portal and lots of others.

Yota is international WiMAX Forum member. Yota brand consolidates the companies, responsible for network deployment, software development and media content aggregation. For more information, visit the official web-site at

About Interbro Co., Ltd

Interbro is a provider of wireless broadband equipment and solutions especially in the WiMAX industry. With its creative and user-friendly market strategy, Interbro announced most notably the world's first pocket-sized WiMAX to Wi-Fi router - the "Egg." Interbro's WiMAX Forum Certified™ products bring the benefits of fast and efficient market penetration to the global wireless broadband WiMAX carriers. For more information, please visit

About GCT Semiconductor, Inc.

GCT Semiconductor is a leading fabless semiconductor company that produces innovative integrated circuit solutions for the wireless communications industry. With its proven radio frequency (RF) CMOS and system-on-a-chip (SOC) expertise, GCT provides state-of-the-art single-chip CMOS RF transceivers, mobile digital TV receivers and Mobile WiMAX solutions serving 3G and 4G mobile system manufacturers by reducing BOM cost, lowering power consumption and minimizing total solution size. For more information, please visit


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