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GCT Semiconductor commercializes world's first monolithic single-chip solution
supporting satellite and terrestrial-digital multimedia broadcasting
(S-DMB and T-DMB) Mobile TV Applications

GCT's solution represents the first single-chip in production that supports multiple mobile digital broadcast TV (DTV) standards.

SAN JOSE, CA, July 31, 2007 - GCT Semiconductor, a leading provider of highly integrated semiconductor solutions for wireless communications, today announced the commercialization of its first monolithic single chip, GDM7003, capable of receiving media broadcast from both S-DMB and T-DMB. A major Korean handset maker recently began production with GDM7003 in a DMB phone capable of supporting both S-DMB and T-DMB functionalities. GCT's cutting-edge solution features fast channel switching in less than three seconds, and offers picture-in-picture (PIP) function which allows users to watch two channels simultaneously. In addition, GDM7003 supports multiple channels (four S-DMB channels and two T-DMB channels) which allows for simultaneous viewing and recording of different channels. With the smallest form factor and lowest power consumption, GCT's new single-chip represents the world's most integrated total solution for both S-DMB and T-DMB available today.

"Our new solution demonstrates GCT's commitment to delivering the highest performance solutions for the growing mobile TV market," commented Dr. Kyeongho Lee, President and CEO of GCT Semiconductor. "We are pleased to be the first to offer a single-chip that supports multiple TV standards simultaneously, and enables new DMB phones to receive media broadcast from both S-DMB and T-DMB. GCT continues to extend its leadership in offering state-of-the-art S-DMB and T-DMB solutions with minimum BOM and extremely high performance."

Housed in a 236-pin LFBGA (11mmx11mmx1.3mm), this solution offers small form factor, as well as low power consumption and field-proven performance for both S-DMB and T-DMB standards. GCT established proven reference designs with major multimedia processors for S-DMB and T-DMB navigation applications. Evaluation kits and samples are available. T-DMB and S-DMB service continues to gain popularity in Korea with total subscribers of S-DMB at over 1.1M and total subscribers for T-DMB at over 4M. Recently, dual mode satellite and terrestrial DMB service has gained popularity in car applications, with S-DMB enabling nation-wide coverage with real time traffic information, and T-DMB offering popular content to consumers.

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GCT Semiconductor is a leading fabless semiconductor company that produces innovative integrated circuit solutions for the wireless communications industry. With its proven radio frequency (RF) CMOS and system-on-a-chip (SOC) expertise, GCT provides state-of-the-art single-chip CMOS RF transceivers, mobile digital TV receivers and Mobile WiMAX solutions serving 3G and 4G mobile system manufacturers by reducing BOM cost, lowering power consumption and minimizing total solution size. For more information, please visit


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