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GCT received qualification of Bluetooth radio and baseband processor

World's First Certified Integrated Direct Conversion Radio on CMOS and
Baseband Processor are Targeted for Bluetooth Applications

February 05, 2002 - San Jose, CA - GCT Semiconductor, Inc. - a privately held, fabless semiconductor firm and Associate member of the Bluetooth SIG - has announced the qualification of its GDM1000 Bluetooth radio and GDM1201 Bluetooth baseband processor in compliance with the Bluetooth specification version 1.1. Both devices are fabricated on standard CMOS and designed for use in high-performance, cost-effective Bluetooth systems.

"The qualification of the Bluetooth devices is a significant hurdle that our team has cleared in the race to enter the Bluetooth market," said Dr. K.H. Lee, co-founder, President and Chief Executive Officer for GCT. "We anticipate that the GDM1000 and GDM1201 will be cornerstones in our family of chipsets for wireless devices, including IC solutions for Bluetooth, 802.11b WLANs, and PLLs for CDMA and GSM mobile handsets."

The GDM1000 is a fully integrated Bluetooth radio transceiver with GFSK modem. The radio design is based on GCT's proprietary direct conversion architecture, which offers high receiver linearity and exceptional blocking performance for robust operation in the crowded 2.4GHz ISM band. The IC is fabricated with RF CMOS technology, which provides low-cost RF solutions to enable communications via Bluetooth or other wireless standards.

The GDM1000 is designed for Class II/ III Bluetooth systems, using a minimum number of external components. It also supports Class I Bluetooth applications through the addition of an external power amplifier. The GDM1000 provides all of the signal and logic interfaces to complement a Bluetooth baseband device, such as GCT's GDM1201 Baseband IC, to build a complete low-cost, fully functional Bluetooth solution.

The GDM1201 is a baseband controller providing Bluetooth functionality for high data rate, short distance wireless communication in the 2.4 GHz ISM band. Coupled with the GDM1000 and external flash memory, it provides a fully compliant Bluetooth solution for data and voice communication. The on-chip 32-bit microcontroller supports the highest data rates currently seen in Bluetooth applications. The baseband architecture is based upon GCT's proprietary 64 MIPS PiCOII-RISC embedded processor for low power processing and includes sufficient SRAM (64 KB) to support the on-chip Bluetooth software stack. The programmable IC supports multiple-standard interfaces, such as BlueRF RXMODE2/3 uni-bi-directional, and JTAG serial interface, providing customers with outstanding interface flexibility. Additionally, the chip supports standard UART, USB with host and device combo functions and integrates a 16 bit Sigma-Delta PCM/ CVSD audio codec.

"The GDM1000 Bluetooth radio and GDM1201 baseband processor, which are optimized for low-cost, high-performance Bluetooth applications, demonstrate GCT's technical leadership in the development of chipsets that facilitate wireless communications," added Dr. Lee. "Our CMOS Direct Conversion architecture offers superior Bluetooth radio performance and value sought by our customers."

Sampling for the GDM1000 and GDM1201 will be available to a select group of prospective customers in April, 2002.

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