Mobile Handset CMOS RF

GDM7001Based on its proprietary direct conversion technology, GCT features a highly cost-effective, single-chip RF transceivers targeting the wireless mobile handset market. This market driven portfolio addresses market demands ranging from 2G, 2.5G and 3G.

Designed for use in cellular applications, GCT's mobile handset CMOS RF solutions offer highly integrated, monolithic transceivers, manufactured using GCT's proven CMOS technologies. GCT's zero-IF (intermediate frequency) design requires only a minimum number of external components, and can therefore be used to implement a low-cost, multi-band RF sub-system in a small PCB area.

3G RF Solutions

GCT Semiconductor features highly integrated RF transceivers with state-of-the-art technologies that meet the stringent requirements of various 3G standards. Our CMOS RF solutions, based on GCT's proprietary direct conversion technology, provide the most cost-effective cutting edge radio solutions.

GCT is developing 3G/3.5G/multi-mode RF solutions for future generation.


Market-Proven Solutions

GCT offers a wide array of CDMA RF solutions, from single to multiple band 1x and EVDO products. GCT’s solutions are based on market-proven mature RF CMOS cores, leveraging years of experience and close collaboration with numerous customers. GCT now offers 2nd and 3rd generation products, and has shipped over 18M units to-date.

GCT’s CDMA solutions - meet all CDMA certification requirements, and offer world class performance and quality. GCT’s solutions are ready for Tier One operators and device makers, and are designed for backward compatibility and painless transition for next generation products, thereby minimizing customer redesign effort, investment and related risk.

Via Telecom

GCT offers a full CDMA RF product line dedicated to Via Telecom’s CDMA Baseband portfolio. Via Telecom and GCT have formed a close partnership and collaborate on reference designs, focusing on fast time-to-market launch and production ramp.