GCT Careers

Senior Manager, Engineering

  • Conduct problem analysis and provide resolution in field and customer site.
  • Modem algorithm developments for 4G systems and beyond such as LTE and LTE-advanced.
  • Design, simulate and verify 4G and 5G modems such as LTE/LTE-advanced and 5G-NR.
  • Research baseband modem algorithms for the physical layer and radio resource management
  • Verify and debug a baseband modem hardware in the FPGA prototype.
  • Optimize RF/modem parameters for stability and performance improvement through field testing
    in the live network.
  • System performance evaluations and customer support.
  • Inter-operability test (IOTs) with various BS vendors and equipment vendors.
  • Provide technical support for customers including manufacturers and service providers.
  • ASIC chip test and debugging including RF performance..

Expected Output:

  • Report for problem analysis and resolutions.
  • IOT results and certificates from GCF and customers.
  • Algorithm documents and simulators (C language based, MATLAB based).

Knowledge and Skills Applied:

  • Understanding of digital wireless communication theory and modem algorithms.
  • Understanding of 4G/5G wireless communication systems and standards (i.e. LTE/LTE-
  • Experience of conformance testing and IOTs.
  • Ability to use various measurement instruments – ESG, VSA, PSA, oscilloscope, channel
    emulator, etc.
  • Ability to use various instruments for call processing and testing – CMW500, MT8820C,
    MD8430A, E6621A PXT, etc.
  • C, C++, MATLAB programming language.


  • MS in Electrical Engineering / Computer Science or foreign equivalent +3 years of experience..


Job Site: San Jose, CA.

Email resume to: mvargas@gctsemi.com.